Morning assembly in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya ,Karaikal

                        img_20160805_095620                                    In  Jnv karaikal, assembly begins at 7:30a.m.assembly activities are conducted by each house namely aravali,nilagiri, shivalic,udayagiri under the supervision of principal   HELEN MARY. Students are supposed to assemble in the assembly hall at 7:20a.m for meditation. Followed by house wise attendance.


                       Leaders report is followed by Jnv prayer.pledge and thought are must in assembly.this helps students to get motivated and work hard for better results.Daily news report is read by two students which keeps in touch with the society.Birthday wishes are conveyed in the assembly.Special activities like yoga,book review quiz are conducted on Saturdays during assembly.



                 Morning  assembly is conducted in 3 different languages,they are English, Tamil, Hindi. Starting 2 days of the week assembly will be in English. Next two days in Tamil followed by Hindi.

                      Morning  assembly helps the students in improving their language skills,confidence level,responsibility,social awareness,leadership quality and it makes the students feel  fresh for the whole day.






                                        Mathematics is an universal language. It is also known as language of    science.Developing interest towards maths depends on your industry in the initial stages and later on your intelligence. It is one of the few subjects, wherein you can score hundred percent marks to enhance your overall percentage.

                                      Many students don’t like maths and some students are really scared of  maths.But it’s an easy and interesting subject,once you understand the thorough in  them.Without the basic knowledge about fundamental formulas,techniques,multiplication tables,laws and theorems you cannot expect to be good at  maths.


                                      Unlike other subjects, each lesson in maths is made on the previous one. Falling a day behind puts you in confused position. never hesitate to ask questions. A little uncleared doubt now,leads to a huge roadblock in future.


 Reasoning is the backbone of mathematics.Failure in not getting correct solution teaches you how to look back to locate your mistake.This applies to real life also.Convert your life problem into real mathematics.draw a formula.Locate the main crisis.Once you are clear about the cause of your problem,automatically you would know  the method of approach to sort it out.